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Error in IIS when adding secure binding because intermediate certificate is missing

Today when adding a secure binding to one of my sites in IIS 7, I got this error:

One or more intermediate certificates in the certificate chain are missing. To resolve this issue, make sure that all of the intermediate certificates are installed. For more information, see

Thawte and more certificate authorities are currently changing from 1024 bits based root certificates to 2048 bits. All certificates now require Intermediate Certificate Authorities and that’s the reason for the error message.

Here’s the solution:

  1. Download the Intermediate CA bundle from your certificate authority. You can find the Thawte CA bundles here:
  2. Click Start -> Run
  3. Type MMC and click enter
  4. File -> Add/Remove Snap-in
  5. Select Certificates and click Add
  6. Select Computer account
  7. Next
  8. Next
  9. OK
  10. Expand Certificates (Local Computer)
  11. Right click Intermediate Certification Authorities
  12. select All Tasks -> Import
  13. Next
  14. Locate the .p7b file downloaded from your certificate authority
  15. Next
  16. Finish